‘Pamir Map’ is a rebranded CarryMap app for travelling in the Pamirs

In 2022, the rebranded CarryMap app was published under the ‘Pamir Map’ name for traveling in the Pamir highlands and sharing travel experience about untouched nature of Pamirs.

The Pamir Mountains are a mountain range in the south of Central Asia and in the north of the Himalayas, mainly in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. Situated in the heart of Asia the Pamirs is an area of sky-scraping and snow-capped majestic mountains, lakes with clear blue water, wide valleys and bone-dry deserts. For hundreds of years, people have called these high mountains ‘Poy-e-Mehr’, the literal translation being ‘the Foot of the Sun’ or ‘Roof of the World’. The Pamirs is undeniably considered beautiful place, but at the same time very inaccessible and therefore underestimated by tourists.

With the financial support of USAID (United States agency of international development), the local travel company PECTA came up with the idea to promote this region among foreign tourists. Creation of mobile cartographic application became one of the stages in the implementation of the idea of developing tourist interest in the Pamirs. Data East was chosen as a developer, the Siberian company with the 20 years’ experience of providing services on development and maintenance of the full lifecycle of geoinformation systems and cartographic applications for mobile devices considering specifics of using GIS on smartphones and tablets. Beyond development from scratch, Data East provides branding services of its product that has already been known among users, CarryMap app. Developing your own product is always time consuming and requires heavy expenses, so in order to minimize risks, PECTA decided to take advantage of this offer.

As a result of the joint work, a branded mobile application Pamir Map was released for planning trips through the Pamirs. The application is free and available in English and Russian at Google Play and App Store. All Pamir Map tools are available offline, without the Internet.

The purpose of the branded Pamir Map app is popularization of the area and attraction of tourists from different countries, as it helps you travel around the Pamirs and get acquainted with this amazing, but still little explored place. Today, mobile maps are one of the most popular sources of information. With the Pamir Map app you can plan your route and share your travel experience. On the application map, you can mark places that you find interesting by adding point, line or polygon and attaching photo or video to it. All the collected data can be shared with your friends using instant messengers or email.

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