Software development

We provide the top-notch services on GIS software development and maintenance in accordance with world standards. And individual customer approach, system analysis, and innovative solutions ensure achievement of the best result.

Custom software for your business

We are always ready to develop any GIS software based on individual needs and workflow of your business. Rich experience in development of geoinformation systems and add-ins for state and municipal management, mining, oil and gas industry, transport and energy, geology, geodesy, forestry, and other industries certainly contributes to an effective and reliable solving of your business tasks.

Industrial processes control

Natural resources management

Municipal facilities control

For software products vendors

We help develop innovative software products and solutions for software vendors and manufacturers. We add unique functionality, modernize applications, provide migration services to modern technologies and platforms making your products more competitive in the information technology market.

Success factors

System analysis. Decomposition of project goals and vision, end-users’ expectations and needs for functional requirements.

Quality control. Proven methodologies for manual and automatic testing. Determination and prompt resolution of problems at any stage of the project.

Optimization. Defining project scope and priorities, following defined priorities and implementation deadlines, finding balance between functional requirements and end-users’ preferences.

Support of full life cycle of software development from its design to startup.

Management. Modern methodologies of project development and management, ongoing monitoring of production process, preparation of documentation and reports.

Guarantee technical support. Min 180 days of free maintenance services period to ensure full compliance of developed software with project requirements.