Company life

Company life

Quiz, please!

12 April, 2018

Brainy Data East’s employees took part in a festive intellectual battle dedicated to defender of the fatherland and international women’s days.

Company life

New Year experiments

15 January, 2018

Data East celebrated the 2018 New Year party in a cozy banquet hall “Teplitsa” taking part in various entertaining competitions and even scientific experiments. 

Company life

Results of photo contest "Travel 2016"

12 January, 2017

Shortly before the New Year celebration, Data East summarizes results of its annual photo contest "Travel 2016" and awards winners. This time 45 photos were submitted, all of them related to travels of Data East employees in 2016.

Company life

Data East’s Olympics

11 March, 2014

On the 7th of March, Data East held an Olympic bowling tournament dedicated to two official Russian holidays – Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women’s Day.

Company life

Cycling marathon for 1200 km

16 July, 2013

Pavel Andreev, developer at Data East, successfully completed a cycling marathon for 1200 km called “Chuysky Trakt 2013”. Pavel met the declared marathon duration of 90 hours, showing the result of 89:09:52.

Company life

Data East demonstrates ArcGIS opportunities to experts

24 June, 2013

Data East regularly conducts general and specialized courses and training programs for obtaining skills to work with geoinformation software from Esri.

Company life

Surviving in Siberia

15 November, 2017

On every GIS Day Data East traditionally invites interesting people, as this is a great chance to talk about geography and personal discoveries, to share travel experience, and to know about amazing hobbies.

Company life

Children's Polar Expedition

1 June, 2017

On the Children's Day celebrated on June 1 in Russia, Data East held a children's creative contest named "Polar Expedition. We conquer the glaciers!".

Company life

Laser tag battle

20 March, 2017

On March 17th, Data East arranged a laser tag battle and played air hockey celebrating the Defender of the Motherland Day and the Women’s Day.

Company life

Data East’s green alley

26 May, 2017

One more alley of cedars and firs adorned the street of Scientists in the very center of Akademgorodok!

Company life

Data East’s anniversary

28 May, 2016

The 16th anniversary of Data East was traditionally celebrated in nature together with our loved families.

Company life

International GIS Day at Data East

16 November, 2016

Today we had a really busy but interesting day. In the morning we organized a demonstration lesson on geoinformatics for children from one Novosibirsk school.

Company life

New Year 2019

9 January, 2019

Same as last time, on December 28, Data East celebrated the 2019 New Year party in a cozy banquet hall ‘Teplitsa’ in Academpark. At the party Harry Potter with his friend Hermione were spotted who did not need to use their magic wands to have fun.

Company life

Geography in photos

11 January, 2019

Since 2012, one of our good traditions is the photo contest related to travels of Data East employees during the year. This time totally 58 photos showing the best moments of 2018 were submitted, and the Grand Prix winner was awarded with iPhone XS. 

Company life

Green alley for future generations

21 May, 2018

Just before celebrating its 17th anniversary, Data East planted a new green alley of cedars and firs near the children’s playground in Zolotodolinskaya street in Akademgorodok.

Company life

Strikes, splits and knocked down pins

11 March, 2019

On 7th of March, Data East traditionally celebrated two official Russian holidays, Defenders of the Fatherland Day and Women Day playing the ten-pin bowling at the JollyBall amusement center.

Company life

New Year feeling

9 January, 2020

Data East celebrated the New Year 2020 party entertained by music performance of Men's Band, contests from Father Frost and Snow Maiden, and participating in prize draws and workshops.

Company life

Data East’s travels in photos

13 January, 2020

Touching and attention-grabbing photo stories made by our colleges, from confession of love in Paris to the last letter from the concentration camp in Oswiecim, Poland. This is all about our yearly photo contest.