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Habitat conservation of living marine resources in Alaska

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Alaska creates mobile maps showing permitted and restricted areas for fishing.

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Mobile map for visitors of the Sebago Lake Land Reserve

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29 March, 2017

The Portland Water District has released the mobile map of the Sebago Lake Land Reserve to support recreational activities.

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Spatial Well Data Management

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11 April, 2010

Eliminate Drilling Risks with WellTracking. The need to develop hard-to-recover oil resources considering the high density of existent wells in brown fields calls for the most
accurate and precise wellbore positioning.

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Ecologists study Siberian orchids with mobile GIS

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4 September, 2017

Mobile application allows to collect and analyze data on rare flowers.

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Interactive maps for Haliburton Forest visitors

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12 September, 2017

Now tourists and hikers can enjoy exploring the Haliburton area and observing its wildlife with a handy mobile guide.

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Northwind Enterprises uses CarryMap to create maps for hunters

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13 November, 2018

Specialists from Northwind Enterprises use CarryMap technology in their work. They decided on CarryMap after a long search for solution that could optimize processing of large amount of cartographic data and allow creating compact maps for use on mobile devices.

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American scientist has used CarryMap to create map of hurricane flood

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19 March, 2013

Scott J. Owens, Geospatial Analyst for the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute has used CarryMap to create a map demonstrating the scale of the Isaac hurricane aftermath in Louisiana in August 2012. CarryMap is a unique solution for reproducing ArcGIS maps as self sufficient distributable electronic map applications.

Company life

Green alley for future generations

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21 May, 2018

Just before celebrating its 17th anniversary, Data East planted a new green alley of cedars and firs near the children’s playground in Zolotodolinskaya street in Akademgorodok.