Full range of services on using GIS technologies for automating key business processes of enterprise and organization.

Audit of geoinformation systems and spatial data

  • Deep learning of customer’s needs, business process characteristics, and finding objects to be automated using GIS
  • Analysis of current technological IT infrastructure and used GIS software
  • Analysis of current infrastructure of spatial data, its actuality and consistency
  • Analysis of methodical and regulatory documents
  • Preparation of report with audit results and organizational, technical, and methodical recommendations

Analysis and search for solutions

  • Business analysis, collection of functional requirements and development of preliminary GIS architecture
  • Selection of basic GIS software
  • Defining basic set of spatial data, determination of need in external geographic and cartographic services
  • Analysis of systems interaction and determination of problems related with integration of GIS to single information environment of organization

Preparation of pre-design documentation

  • Preparation of functional project requirements
  • Preparation of specifications on set of requisite software and approval of license agreements
  • Development of technical task including calendar plan for all project stages
  • Preparation of project evaluation and commercial proposal