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Workflow automation of oil and gas enterprise

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21 October, 2019

As socially responsible corporation, KPO works towards generating maximum social and economic benefits from the Karachaganak field and so utilizes high-tech software to solve its production tasks

Products and services

Online recourses help monitoring coronavirus spread

#Interactive map #Mobile map #ArcGIS #Esri

11 May, 2020

Viruses do not recognize national boundaries. Today, medical specialists and scientists from all over the world line up to develop a vaccine, find treatment methods and other possibilities to fight against coronavirus.

Products and services

Rebranded CarryMap app for work with maps of Kazakh forests on mobile devices

#CarryMap #Mobile app #Mobile map #Interactive map

8 April, 2021

In 2020 the Kazakh startup Forest BSM GROUP published CarryMap app under its name OrmanKZ. The rebranded app is provided for work with unique mobile maps of state forests created by Forest BSM GROUP experts.