Events and success stories

Guided tour to Data East

#Kids #Education #Geoinformatics

25 February, 2013

Data East arranged a field trip to the Data East's main office for schoolchildren taking part at the School IT workshop. The idea of this visit was to introduce the company and its employees in a more informal way and to live demonstrate the geoinformation technologies and services applied in different industries.

Events and success stories

Schoolchildren take a shot at IT area

#Education #Kids #Geoinformatics

13 March, 2013

10th of February is the opening day of the School IT-workshop arranged for upper schoolchildren at gimnasium Gornostay, upper secondary school in Novosibirsk. During this workshop they will get a chance to work at Data East as software developers, to implement their own projects and to be even paid for it.

Events and success stories

Geoinformatics can be exciting!

#GIS day #Geoinformatics #Geography #Kids

14 November, 2018

One of the good Data East’s traditions on the International GIS Day is organizing demonstration geoinformatics lessons for Novosibirsk school children.

Company life

Children's Polar Expedition

#Kids #Contest #Holiday

1 June, 2017

On the Children's Day celebrated on June 1 in Russia, Data East held a children's creative contest named "Polar Expedition. We conquer the glaciers!".

Company life

International GIS Day at Data East

#Holiday #GIS day #Kids #Contest #Geoinformatics

16 November, 2016

Today we had a really busy but interesting day. In the morning we organized a demonstration lesson on geoinformatics for children from one Novosibirsk school.