New CarryMap version for Android and iOS released

The new CarryMap for Android and iOS has been released. Download CarryMap in mobile app stores and on the website. Find out what features and improvements have been implemented!

We are happy to announce that the new CarryMap has been released and is available for download. The new version represents changes in the existing functionality, as well as improvements in overall stability and performance.

Support for MBTiles

New option to work with raster maps in MBTiles format has been added.

Support for audio attachments

The ability to record and listen to voice comments (audio attachments) when creating and describing features on the map in GeoPackage layers has been implemented. Using this option does not require leaving the app.

Height of the point feature

The ability to add and view Z coordinates when creating and editing point features has been implemented. The feature height can be set using GPS functionality of your device or manually.

Information about traveled distance

Viewing information about traveled distance when moving to the destination point is now possible in the track recording mode.

Creating point by location

Automatic creation of a point on the map based on the coordinates of the user's current location is implemented. If your current location is outside the visible map area, the point will be created in the center of the screen.

Editing polyline features

For iOS devices, when editing polyline GeoPackage features, the option to extend the polyline feature of the layer has been added.

Moving the map when moving to the destination point

For Android devices, navigation when moving to the destination point has been improved owing to new option of moving the map.


Fixes related to stability and performance improvements.


Download the CarryMap app for mobile devices