Green alley for future generations

Just before celebrating its 17th anniversary, Data East planted a new green alley of cedars and firs near the children’s playground in Zolotodolinskaya street in Akademgorodok.

This is the fourth time we participate in such a great campaign and we are proud of being a founder of it. This great tradition later called Business for a Green Planet started four years ago when a group of employees from Novosibirsk IT companies decided to plant small green zones in different parts of Akademgorodok. And today all Akademgorodok residents and visitors can enjoy several green alleys growing in neighborhood.

‘Data East actively supports this tradition. It is great to plant trees and then watch how these small saplings grow and become strong and mature. These growing trees are symbols of Data East. Same as these trees, our company grows and overcomes difficulties. We are proud to take part in such a good action’, said Vyacheslav Ananyev, Director General at Data East. The Business for a Green Planet campaign is just another opportunity to save and increase the green landscape of Siberia and to keep healthy environment for future generations.