New CarryMap Builder 8 released

Find out what features and improvements have been implemented!

We are happy to announce that the new CarryMap Builder 8 has been released and is available for download on the website. The new version introduces enhancements to improve software stability and performance and some changes in the existing functionality.


  1. Support for ArcGIS Pro 3.2

The new CarryMap Builder 8 for ArcGIS Pro can be installed and used with the new ArcGIS Pro 3.2. If you work with ArcGIS Pro 3.0–3.1, you can use the previous CarryMap Builder 7.0 version.


  1. New options for selecting the identification card template

Selecting the feature identification card template is now easier and more convenient with the new sorting and filtering options.


  1. New options for configuring attachments display in the identification card

The option to select the attachments display mode (as a list, in a preview mode, in full size) and to specify the displayed attachments format is now available for the ‘Attachment by specific field from attributes’ stripe.


  1. Setting map extraction boundaries using graphic objects

The map extraction boundaries can now be specified using graphic objects.


  1. Extended settings for merging CMF2 maps

By merging multiple CMF2 files it is now possible to create metadata (map name, author, company, company logo, email, website, additional information) and set the output map protection options.


  1. Other

Fixes related to stability and performance improvements.


Download the new CarryMap Builder 8 для ArcGIS Pro

Download the new CarryMap Builder 8 для ArcMap