How to create interactive mobile map in 5 easy steps

Learn how to make your ArcGIS map mobile using CarryMap Builder, an extension to ArcGIS Desktop.

Work with your mobile maps offline on any iOS or Android device without authorization, payments and in-app purchases. The process of creating such maps is just a snap using CarryMap Builder extension!

Step 1: Prepare your ArcGIS map for export

First of all, set your ArcGIS map before exporting to mobile map. To do so, press «Customize map extraction» button on the CarryMap Builder toolbar. Set extraction boundaries, select required layers to be extracted to your output mobile map, set feature identification options, customize map search. At this step you can also add watermarks to personalize the mobile map or to protect it from unauthorized distribution.

Step 2: Add map info

Now add a summary info about your map: map publisher name, company name and logo, website, contact email, and map description. This information will be shown in the «About map» dialog of your output mobile map.

Step 3: Select map protection options

At this step you can limit an access to your mobile map and do not worry about your data integrity especially if it goes about sensitive data. Protect your map data from unauthorized access and distribution. Select one or all the available map protection options: set password, map availability start and end dates, allow map access for selected devices only.

Step 4: Export to mobile map

You are almost done, just press «Export» button and a .cmf2 file will be created from the source ArcGIS map. Mobile map is created! Now this map file should be uploaded to mobile device.

Step 5: Upload mobile map to device

There are several ways of delivering your map to mobile device.

The Being online you can download the map from the file hosting or email service. If no Internet is available, connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable and download the map from computer to smartphone. To download the map to iOS device use iTunes.

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