Data East’s travels in photos

Touching and attention-grabbing photo stories made by our colleges, from confession of love in Paris to the last letter from the concentration camp in Oswiecim, Poland. This is all about our yearly photo contest.

This great tradition is already 7 years old and it is always a long-waited event for our company. Totally 63 photos showing Russia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and many other places worldwide participated in three nominated categories: People, Events, and Nature. The winner of special category Grand Prix and nominations winners were determined by professional photographers and instructors from Novosibirsk photo-schools, and the best photo in the People's Choice Award category was chosen by employees through online voting.

The winner in the Nature nomination was Konstantin Peshkov with his photo called ‘Boatman’. This photo symbolizing the passing heritage was made during fishing in Kuybyshevsky district of Novosibirsk region. ‘In the past there was the large village Yefremovka here, but today only one house has left which belongs to the farmer’, says Konstantin. ‘The resident of the neighbor village, the boatman, lives here and goes round the farm. He helped us get over the river’.

The winner in the Events nomination was Andrei Elobogoev and his photo called ‘Proposal’. The photo was made in Paris, on Montmartre square. This is the ‘I Love You Wall’, the tourist haunt where happen a lot of various events. The photo’s author had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time and became the chance witness of this romantic scene with marriage proposal.

The winner in the People nomination was Alexander Pomazanov with the photo ‘Two women’. It was made in Oswiecim, the former concentration camp in Poland which now works as a museum. ‘The place leaves a very painful impression when you see all these terrible gas rooms and barracks for prisoners. At the same time, you learn the stories of people who faced the death and those who survived, mostly because of their faith and strength of the spirit. My wife Tatiana, she is on the photo, is reading the story of one 45 years old light haired Polish woman. Despite of she knows what is going to happen with her, she smiles. And this strikes to the heart. Two women – two different worlds’, says Alexander.


The winner in the People's Choice Award category was Alena Anoshina and her photo ‘Night in the library’ made in one library in Stuttgart, Germany. ‘We visited our relatives in Germany and they recommended us to go to the city library to see how it is organized’, says Alena. ‘And we really liked it. The architecture is very simple and fancy, everything is white, only the book backs are colorful. Each library level has its own theme, for example, books about kids, arts, knowledge, life, etc. There were a lot of people who came to read books, not just visitors as we were. It was so quiet and still there, so you would definitely like to go to such place’.

The Grand Prix winner was Alexey Slepenkov and his photo called ‘We wish we’d fly to the sky’ made during the annual avia show held in Novosibirsk. ‘When the group of girl pilots started to show their flight program, I saw these three women who looked into the sky. I loved the composition so much that I only needed to catch this great moment. Besides the first pilot, who was a man, only women got into my shot’, says Alexey.

According to our tradition, all the photos submitted to contest have been hanged on the company office walls as a decoration to recall dramatic and memorable events of our travels in year 2019.