Obligatory requirement

Do at least one of three below tasks using any programming language.


You can do two or even all the three tasks to better demonstrate your skills.


In case of successful test pass you will be invited for an interview with further employment for junior developer position.

Task 1: Basic calculator

Mouse or keyboard input.

Optional: calculation follows the precedence.
Optional: take parentheses into consideration.
Optional: display of the calculation’s history.

Task 2: Geocoder

Conversion of address into geographic coordinates used to place a point marker on a map via any available service (Yandex/Google/2GIS etc.). The page has a form for entering the address and a request button. The result is a map with an icon at the point corresponding to the entered address (or a link to such map).

Optional: requests history where one can select a string from it, edit and make geocoding again.

Task 3: Clustering of geospatial data

Program accepts raster image (in jpg format) and list of points (in raster coordinates) as input. Then it unites ‘neighbor’ points into clusters and draws each cluster as one point.

Optional: possibility to define level of proximity for points in cluster.
Optional: display number of points in each cluster.

Send your completed task to quest@dataeast.com.
Don’t forget to provide your contact details and some additional information you would like to share.

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